Task-Challenge stands for a reversed approach in Venture Capital.

Instead of inviting students to present their ideas and ventures, the Academic side and some selected Companies present tasks to be solved within the area of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BII (Biologically Inspired Intelligence). AI is already very successfully used in many applications of our daily use. As we know, users do not even recognize this fact. Current AI, commonly referred to as Narrow AI, is still based too strongly on pre-defined models & constraints in order to work perfect. This is acceptable in many application fields, but in order to reach the full potential of AI we need to take a next step. – Human-like Intelligence! 

Task-Challenge is focusing to bring AI & BII a next step further.

Schedule and more information will be on-line soon. 

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The tasks will be focused on:

- BI & Big-Data (Business Intelligence & Big-Data in NGS)

- Robotics (Autonomic Intelligence, Self-Learning)

- SR-Energy (Sustainable & Renewable Energy)

There will presented approx. 30 to 40 tasks. From which we will create 10 task-force-teams and finance 3 months for each team for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks the teams will present their results. Results will be within the range of:

Solved as:                                     POI; POC, PILOT; Prototype
Not solved because of:                Detailed Task-Report

StudentsQualification to Attend

Students or post Students must be 18 Years plus and be registered at a University or advanced technical College as current or post Student. We are looking for skills in SW-Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or cross discipline studies.

Special invitation: There are young SW-Talents which are not fit to the qualification mentioned above. In this case such talents may be invited by a referee Person.